Hermann Frank Meyer
* 26.09.1940 in Hanover; + 12.04.2009 in Riepholm, Visselhövede. He has been living in Brussels as an entrepreneur since 1966. At the end of the 1980’s he began immersing himself in the study of Greek modern history, as a result of trying to discover the fate of his father, a paymaster-general in the German army killed by Greek partisans in 1943. Among various other publications covering the Greek fight for freedom he has written about the massacre at Kommeno and the war crimes committed by the 117th Rifle Division (117.Jaeger-Division) in Serbia and Greece. His new book about the history of the 1st. Mountain Division (1.Gebirgs-Division) and the XXIInd Mountain Army Corps (XXII. Gebirgs-Armee-Korps) is to be published in December 2007. The municipality of Kommeno made him an honorary citizen in 2002. The Federal President of Germany, Johannes Rau, awarded him the federal cross of merit in 2005.

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