Atonement Measures

From Vienna
to Kalavryta

Review by Nikola Zivkoviç in South Slav Journal, Vol, 24,No. 3-4, 2003

Weste Westesson in „Hellenika“, Sweden (...)
To get an idea of Meyers research it suffices to take a look at the literature references and his listing of sources. He has consulted British, German, Greek and Austrian archives as well as the International Red Cross in Geneva and all relevant court reports. He has gone through several hundred printed books and studies, memoirs, and biographies, diaries and personal histories. And he has tracked down and interviewed survivors, both amongst the Greeks and the Wehrmacht. At the same time as he is researcher, his accounts of events involves him deeply, the most important episodes made vivid by quotes from eywittnesses, which gives the intensive feeling of being contemporary, almost present.
Meyer is a very skilled writer who makes full use of the dramatic potential of the subject. In spite of the size of the work of 550 large pages of which some 70 belong to the important annexes the text is never heavy or difficult. This is further enhanced by the authors frequent digressions made possible by his masterly grasp of his subject with all its rich details and the many miniportraits he has drawn of involved persons...

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